Dating for animators

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"[Each] stares off in a slightly different direction as if unaware of the others' presence," he says.Adriana Caselotti was 18 when she was hired to play the voice of Snow White, the first Disney Princess.Not to knock , but these really were Disney's best years.And like most little girls who grew up in the '90s, I was pretty self-delusional in thinking that I was a Disney princess too!but then I came across some facts that pretty much blew my mind. )Here are 53 EPIC facts and Disney princesses that even the most die-hard Disney fan might be shocked by! The "Disney Princess" franchise was first conceptualized by Disney Consumer Products chairman Andy Mooney when he observed something at his first-ever Disney On Ice show.Maybe it's time to resurface those VHS tapes from my parents' attic and watch these over again. "Standing in line in the arena, I was surrounded by little girls dressed head to toe as princesses," he told The New York Times. They were generic princess products they'd appended to a Halloween costume. Clearly there was latent demand here."The very next morning, he told the team to start work on an official "Princess" franchise. Sales at Disney Consumer Products rose from 0 million in 2001 to billion in 2006, credited in large part to his idea.

The news will come as a huge blow to Disney, as Lasseter is widely credited with rescuing its animation division from closure when he arrived from its new stablemate Pixar in 2007 to become chief creative officer for both studios.I climbed giant boulders in my wooded backyard like Pocahontas and as a book nerd, I was pretty much desperate to own even one of the books in Belle's mansion-sized library. )And one time, I even dressed up my family dog as Ariel (yep, wig, tail and all ...she was very patient through my weirder costume-obsessed years as a kid).Perhaps the most striking innovation introduced by Lasseter was doing away with the old damsel-in-distress model of Disney princess in favor of a more interesting, unselfconsciously feminist version to which young girls could aspire."It's hard work what we do, but we don't take the easy route.

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